Our Strategy

In2Action Capital foresees investments of 2.5 to 10 million euro for participations in Belgian SMEs with a minimum turnover of 15 million euro. The focus is on companies that are confronted with special circumstances such as, for example:

  • The desire to sell the family business, even if the organizational structure is not yet complete
  • The desire to divest business units, where In2Action Capital has experience with complex carve-outs
  • Operational challenges, in which In2Action Capital can use its extensive operational experience to strengthen and further grow the core activities together with you
  • Financial difficulties, where In2Action Capital has the means to strengthen the balance sheet, even in circumstances where time is ticking and a transaction has to be realized in a short period of time

In2Action Capital is flexible in structuring transactions to meet the specific needs and capabilities of the parties involved. We have a no-nonsense mentality and prefer to work with ambitious entrepreneurs who, like us, work hard, and put common sense and a result-oriented approach first.

Our Operational Experience

In2Action Capital is led by an experienced and complementary team. We have extensive experience at management level, strategically, financially and operationally, in small and large companies, at home and abroad, in companies in growth and/or crisis, and in various sectors. As an entrepreneur we are your strategic sparring partner and as a manager we help you to translate the strategy into clear, measurable operational objectives. The goal is always to merge the three pillars of the organization – people, processes and systems – into a harmonious whole. To achieve this, we use a back-to-basics approach, in which we jointly tackle the often hidden complexity throughout the organization at its root. Analyses and insights are always based on in-depth knowledge of business processes.

Our Hands-On Approach

Every company and every investment is unique and so is our approach. For example, a transformation or carve-out requires certain competencies that are not present in every organization. We are hands-on and are willing, if useful or necessary, to roll up our sleeves ourselves and actively participate in the execution of the plan. We always support companies with very practical measures, which have proven to be effective in the past, and are based on best-practices. Where necessary, we call upon experts to make maximum use of people for the company in the short term and, in accordance with our values, to achieve progress, structure and success. Sharing and securing knowledge is always central to this so that all improvements are truly structural and sustainable.

Our Investors

In2Action Capital is an independent investment fund. Our shareholders are to a large extent private investors: CEOs, entrepreneurs and industrial families. Our own investors therefore have a lot of industry expertise and know-how. They are therefore part of the network that we regularly call upon to assist the companies in our private equity fund.

A number of institutional investors have also invested in our funds.